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Compare your workplace With and Without a Union

The reasons to Organize a Labour Union in your workplace become obvious when you view them beside your rights without a Union. The chart below shows the glaring differences of your rights in Ontario. Most people are shocked to learn that they don't actually have any rights without a labour Union in their workplace.

Five Great Reasons to Join a Union

Your Employer has absolute and complete control over all terms and conditions of employment. They may or may not be written down or be fair, and the boss does not need your consent to change them.Terms and conditions of employment are contained in a collective agreement, which you vote on, and which may not be changed without your agreement.
Your Employer may fire you for any reason. Some Employers have an internal ‛grievance’ procedure, but even then the final decision always rests with the Employer.All discipline is subject to the standard of "just cause". Discipline may be grieved and ultimately resolved by a neutral arbitrator who has the power to reduce or remove any penalty.
If you are fired you have to sue in Court. The Courts may award you damages but never reinstate you to your job. You have to pay for the time and expense of a legal action personally. Employers know most people cannot afford to sue and do not.If you are fired the arbitrator can reinstate you to your job. As well, an arbitrator can order that you be paid for any lost time. We represent you at all levels of the grievance procedure and the Union pays the legal costs of the arbitration.
If you want to enforce your legal rights you must get your own lawyer and pay all legal costs yourself. Employers know most people either do not know their rights or are afraid to stand up alone.We help you to uphold your rights in the work place under such Acts as Labour Relations, Workplace Safety and Insurance, Occupational Health and Safety, Employment Standards and the Human Rights Code.
When you want a pay increase or a change in working conditions you must ask your Employer directly. If your Employer refuses, your only option is to continue working under the same unfair conditions or to quit your employment.We bargain for all your terms and conditions of employment. We take direction from you and bargain on your behalf. The Employer is bound by law to bargain with the Union in good faith. It is much more difficult to ignore the demands of all employees bargaining together through the strength of their Union than one employee alone. Contact us for help getting your Union.