Get a Union in my Ontario Workplace

Joining a Union in Ontario is fairly simple, most of the work and the stuff that you will need to know to get an Ontario Union we can teach you in couple hours.

Various political powers throughout time have tried to make it difficult so that you will get frustrated and give up on getting a Union but don't worry, we know how to get you from a terrible workplace to something much better, a Unionized workplace.

The main process goes like this:
1. Workers need to sign Union Membership cards with our Union indicating that they want our Union to represent them in their workplace.

2. The Ontario Labour Relations Board collects those Union cards from us (your employer doesn't ever see which employees signed cards) and orders a vote for the workplace.

3. An officer from the Ontario Labour Relations Board comes to the workplace and all employees, one by one come into the room, mark a ballot in private and deposit it into a ballot box.

4. Once all the votes are in they are counted, as long as 50% plus one vote yes, you win!

5. Now the Union gets to go to work, meeting with employees, listening to the wants and needs of everyone and bargaining a new set of rules for the employer to follow by law.

A Union in Ontario can bargain anything that is not illegal and within reason and every workplace has different needs. The basics are just wages, benefits, health and safety, hours of work, vacation days, sick days etc... but the real stuff is in the language.

Every workplace has its own unique set of problems and you get to put rules in during bargaining that the employer must follow by law to fix those problems.

Bargaining usually takes place every 2 or 3 years, imagine the compounding effect of bargaining over and over. Little by little you get better and better workplace conditions. It won't happen all at once though, allot will change right away but so much more can change over time to make the workplace into something much better. It's a phone call away to start the process.

Union Contacts


105-2065 Dundas St E. Mississauga, ON, L4X 2W1