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Why I need a Union in my workplace

A lot of people these days are hearing corporate speak pretending to be the truth about Unions (ads on tv, radio etc.). Surely you have heard some of this nonsense, here are a couple classic ones. If you have others please submit feedback with them, we may create an entire page on them because they are interesting.

1. "Unions are a thing of the past" or;

2. "Unions aren't relevant anymore" or;

3. "My dad needed a Union I don't".

Sound familiar? Think about all the money they are spending to put these ideas out there in hopes that people will believe it. All you really need to do is ask yourself, why are they doing it. Advertising works that way, say something enough times and sooner or later people might start to believe it, even if it's nonsense.

Unions are a thing of the past, and the present and the future, we built Unions to protect workers, to ensure that workers were safer, well paid and had a voice in the workplace.

Unions will continue into the future for one very simple reason, most companies only care about their money not their workers that make the money for them.

Our "reasons to Join a Union" page has an excellent side by side comparison of a workplace with a Union and without a Union.

We decided to set up this Union Organzing site because it really is it's own topic. Our main website is all about us and providing services for our members, there just wasn't the space needed to discuss all the topics about getting a Union in a way that made sense. We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the various material we cover on this site. 

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